What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

These are two very distinct roles with very different job descriptions, and when both pull together, they will do an amazing job making your event seamless. A venue coordinator manages items that pertain specifically to the venue. This often includes food and beverage services, servers, bartenders, staffing and onsite facilities. Sometimes a couple may not even meet their venue coordinator until well after they book their venue, or at times, they may be assigned a new venue coordinator during their planning process.

A wedding planner is hired specifically by the couple and does everything in the best interest of the couple from the moment they are hired until they are married. They provide a consistent partner from start to finish. This type of planner manages all venues involved over the wedding weekend and is onsite at the getting ready location and off-site ceremony. A planner manages both wedding party and guest transportation pick up and drop off locations and details. The job of an independent planner is to orchestrate the entire event from start to finish; making sure your planning experience is as stress free as possible. We work with venue coordinators on most of our weddings and we are lucky that we are referred by all of these venues after years of successful teamwork.

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Can you send me your pricing?

We would love to! We offer complimentary initial consultations (by phone, video or in person) to help assess each couple’s specific needs. Once we learn the scope of your planned wedding along with all of your wishes, desires and concerns, we can then offer you some custom package options that are the right fit for you.

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What sets you apart from other wedding planners?

What makes us unique is how involved we are with your wedding planning. We do not simply make recommendations or suggestions and then just help you implement your plans. We are your partner throughout the entire process, we will be with you for all of your meetings and we manage all of the implementation. You get to be part of the fun decision-making details, but we will handle the logistics so you can enjoy your engagement.

We tend get involved in the nitty-gritty details that may be too much for other planners to get their hands on. And we really educate our clients, not only on the planning aspects of the event, but often on the traditions that relate to their ceremony. We work on many ethnic and fusion weddings, so we have a great deal of experience to pull from.

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What are some different types of weddings you have worked on?

We have been so lucky over the years to have worked on weddings of all shapes and sizes, there isn’t much we have not seen! We often work on Indian (Hindu), Catholic, Jewish and Christian ceremonies, or some fusion of these religious combinations. However, we have also worked on Greek Orthodox, Persian, Lebanese, Chinese, Buddhist, Baha’i and secular weddings.

We have worked on weddings with as few as 8 guests and others as many as 600 guests! And we’ve had the pleasure to work with same sex couples all over New England.

We have worked in many traditional and unique locations over the years, such as museums, libraries, hotels, historic homes, mansions, tents, office buildings, restaurants, backyards, piers and even empty fields on multiple islands. Our clients have taken us to many destinations outside of New England over the past two decades, such as Anguilla, Bermuda, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington DC to name a few.

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What if we do not live in the state we want to marry?

We specialize in working with couples that live out of state, and sometimes, out of the country, who choose to marry in the New England area. We also work with many local couples that decide on a warm destination for their wedding celebration. We understand the need for excellent communication with these special clients that are not able to be physically present for as much of the planning process as they would like to be. The same applies to the couples that happen to live outside of the New England area and select a wedding venue here. Comprehensive communication is the key to planning a successful event. Combine that with a stress-free environment, and now our couples can truly enjoy their engagement and wedding planning process.

While it is a wonderful treat to be able to do a site tour of your wedding venues before booking, not all couples can make the trip to their wedding location to do this. We can help you make this difficult decision without you being there if that’s what needs to happen. We can arrange Google Hangouts and FaceTime calls to make you feel like you are on site or meeting face to face with a vendor, even when you can’t be there in person. We will bring your mother, sister, brother, maid of honor, or whomever you assign to take your place for the menu and cake tastings. And if you need to lean on us, we will go in your place and report back to you on every little detail until you feel like you were actually there.

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Can we still be involved if we select your full service package?

Very involved! We want you BOTH to be part of the decision making process. The more opinions and ideas you contribute, the better we can design and mastermind for you. Your wedding should be personal, so it should look like the two of you created it together. We are here to implement and execute your vision!

If you are incredibly busy with work, school or family, we will make sure that you are still making all your own decisions. We will just provide more guidance and suggestions to make the process simple for you. If time saving is what you need, then that is what we will do for you.

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Do you carry insurance? And why is this important?

Yes, we hold both General Liability and Professional Insurance coverage. Why does this matter when hiring your vendors? Not only does this protect you from being responsible for any damage to your wedding venue that a vendor may accidentally cause, it is also requested by many reception venues now. As a planner, we are often required to provide a certificate of insurance to your venue as well as collect these certificates from the rest of your vendor team. Besides, don’t you want to know that whomever you hire is a true professional and is prepared for the worst case scenario?! It is like having a Plan B, once you have one in place, you often do not even need it!

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Do you have references you can provide?

Of course! We can send a list of reference so that you may reach out to these previous clients and ask them questions that concern you the most. Don’t forget to peek at our testimonials on the bottom of our home page and our reviews on WeddingWire HERE.

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