Considering Postponing Your Summer or Fall Wedding Due to COVID-19?

Have a wedding coming up in May, June, July, August or even this fall? Hopefully you do not need to reschedule your wedding at this point, but if you are nervous about COVID-19 impacting your special day, you may be wondering what you can do to prepare. Here are some proactive tasks you can tackle in advance.

  1. Contact your venue to find out what available dates they have in 2020. Consider Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday if you want to keep your wedding in this calendar year.
  2. Reach out to each of your vendors on your team to find out what their available dates are for the rest of 2020. See if you can find a back up date that both your venue and most of your vendors are available.
  3. Have you already ordered your invitations? If not, put those on hold for a few more weeks! If you have, get those envelopes addressed and sit tight. Check with your printer/designer to see if they are offering a discounted rate for invitations that need to be reprinted because you had to postpone or reschedule due to COVID-19. Many are offering 30% – 50% discounts.
  4. Do you have a tasting, hair/makeup trial or sample floral meeting coming up? Reach out and ask if they need to reschedule. The sooner you ask, the more future date options you will have to pick from.
  5. If you have not already booked your honeymoon, consider selecting a state side option. With the uncertainly of flights and international travel during this time, pick a spot that you can drive to in order to relax and decompress without the stress of the traveling to get there.
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